Singing Alive

Let the sun shine down and warm my bones
Let the birds and the bees come and take my clothes
Cause I’m a wild one now made of wind and rain
I’m wild and I ain’t going back again

Let the moon shine down and cleanse my soul
Let the wolves and the owls come and tend my coals
Cause I’m a wild one now made of stars and dreams
I’m wild and I’m part of everything

Let the stars shine down and cleanse my heart
Let the beaver and the bear teach me of their art
Cause I’m a wild one now made of fat and fish
The tending of the wild is my greatest wish
The spreading of the wild is my greatest wish
The healing of the wild is my greatest wish


  1. Valentine

    Thank you for sharing this song. Do you have the chords for this?

  2. richard

    I love this song! Can you tell me who wrote it?

    • Sage Stanzler

      Hi Richard! Although its flattering that the next comment said Naomi Littlebear wrote this, Its funny how rumors get started– I wrote this song about 7/8 years ago, and though I was contacted a couple years ago for someone to include it in their booklet/zine, I had no idea it had spread so much. Just today was told that its now on youtube and such… never thought I would be in such a funny situation! Originally I really didn’t want people to record it at all, actually sent the song out asking people to teach and share in person & to please respect that, but now that its out, no problem just would appreciate the appropriate credit. It would feel really shitty for someone to profit from this (when it aint even for that) and take credit for whats not theirs which looks like is happening with some ppl (not y’all). Thanks~Sage (Kathleen) Stanzler

  3. Wry Chard

    Turns out it was written by Naomi Littlebear – first sung at Rainbow 1980.

    • Sage Stanzler

      Hi Wry, I wrote this song a number of years ago, so this is actually quite humorous! Im wondering where/how you came to think it was by Naomi Littlebear?

  4. jani moon


  5. Karolina Anderson

    Thank you so much! This is one of my favorite songs now. What a great resource!

  6. Annette Purcell

    This is so lovely! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Kathleen Kurtz

    Who DID write this song ?
    Who does deserve the credit for it?
    We are hoping to use this song fir a wilderness school and really feel it’s perfect but want credit to go to the right person!!
    Thank you.

    • O’Nell Starkey

      Sage stanzler wrote it. Read above comments.

  8. Morven Sutherland Pelly

    I’m going to sing/ teach it at a storytelling retreat I’m hosting this weekend next to Loch Voil in Scotland. THANK YOU! xxx

  9. Nick

    Beautiful. I’m going to teach it to my unschooled kids. I’m stimming an Am & G.
    Thank you!


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