Singing Alive

gaian folk-song index

‘Oli Kumukahi

13 Grandmas Song

A Bee in a Happy Hive

A Song of Pure Light

Aad Guray Nameh

Agua Estrella

Air it Flies

All Will Be Well

Allah Hu

Altar of Love

Amor Amor Amor

Ancestors Star People

Angel Walk Song

As Old as the Universe

Ayaruna Icaro

Barchu (Dear One)

Basket Weaving Song

Baso Mayray

Be Still and Feel

Beautiful Mother

Beautiful Women

Beauty Lifts Me Up

Beauty of the Earth

Belly / Bella Mama

Bengali Birthing Song

Beyond Duality

Beyond the Mind

Bless All the Land

Bless Your Soul

Blessings All Around

Born Anew

Breath Here Now

Breathing Love and Peace

Breathing the Earth

Burn Fire Burn Bright

Busy Yourself

Butterfly People

Call of My Heart

Calling a New Earth

Candle to Candle

Canto esa Cancione

Carry Me Home

Cedar Tree Song

Child of God


Circles of the World

Come Again Come

Come Back to the Forest

Consummating This Dream

Cooking Up a Universe

Cura Cura

Cura Nos

Deep Within My Heart

Divine Queen

Down To The River To Pray

Dune Dune Beats the Heart

Dwelling in the Present Moment

Each Day Give Thanks

Earth and Sky Harmonize

Earth is Turning

Eh Malama

Eternal Garden of Love

Every Little Cell

Everything my Mother Gives Me

Every Moment

Fairy Directions Song

Faith in these Ways

Feeling Very Open

Fiddlehead Song

Fire of Love


Flores en mi Camino

Flower Power

Flowing On Forever


Forever I Shall Be Icaro

Forget your Perfect Offering


Freedom Drum

From the Nothingness

Gaia Peace

Gardens of Bliss

Gathering the Flowers

Getting Ready for the Silence

Goddess of the Ocean

Goddess Mantras

Good Morning Creator

Good Where I’m From

Gran Espiritu

Grandmother Grandmother

Grandmother Ocean

Grateful To Be

Gratitude Song

Great Father

Great Spirit Thank U

Green Tara Mantra

Grow Me Like a Vine

Guide Me

Hareini Mekabel

Hawaiian Forgiveness Song

Healing Ways

Heart Sutra Mantra

Here on the Earth

Ho’o pono pono

Holy Dung

Holy Fire

Huma Seri

Humble Me

I am Guided

I am my Family I am

I and My Mother Are One

I and the Father are One

I Call to You

I Find My Joy

I Listen to the Birds

I Release Control

I See You

I Want to Sing

I’ll Carry You Always

I’m a Whale

I’m a Wild One Now

Icaro de los Tribus

Icaro Sunarye

In Honor Of . . .

In the Womb

India Dolphin Song

I Come from the Spirit

Jah Jah Holy

Jai Ambe Jagadambe

Jama Jingi

Jewel in the Lotus Flower

Kai Kai Kai Yemanja

Kalei Aloha

L’ Aurora

Lean into the World

Let Go To The Earth

Let Me Do Thy Will Allah

Letting Go

Light of the Rose

Long are We Waiting

Long Time Sun

Ma Hey Hee Hum

Magic is Your Giveaway

Mama Jurema

Mama Ocean Potion

Mardi di (Calling) Icaro

May Our Hearts Be Pure

May the Love we Share

Me Ilumina

Medicine Hymn

Mermaid of the River

Mi Medicina

Mother I Surrender

Mother of the Water

Mt. Zion

Mul Mantra

My Body is a Living Temple


Nataraja (Shiva) Bhajan

Navkar (Jain) Mantra

Never Shaken

Night Garden

No Property

Offering Song

Oh My Lord

Oh Spirit of Life

Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

Om Mani Padme Hum

Om Namo Amitabhaya

Om Pachamama 

Om Purnam

On To Dinner We Go

One Big Family

One Spirit

Open to the Notion

Opening Icaro

Oshun Bailo

Our Church is Earth


Pachamama Pachamama

Padmasambhava Mantra

Pajaros (Birds) Icaro

Pineal Power Prayer

Pleiadian Chant

Poet Song

Pool of Love

Prabhu Ap Jago

Praise the Power of the Light

Que Pasana

Rain Falling Down

Return Again

Samba Sadashiva


Sarva Mangala

Sat Siri

Sebaka Mangala

Seed Song

Seeds of Shanti

Seven Tigers

Shine Your Light

Shri Krishna

Sing Softly

Sing the World Alive

Sister River

Song of the Universe

Spiral in the Third Eye

Spirit of the Rain

Spirit on the Mainline

Sprouting the Buddha

Stand in that River

Starlight is our Home

Starlight Vision

Step by Step

Suddhosi Buddhosi


Taking Root

Tejedores del Peru

Temple Universe



Thank You for it All

The Child Song

The Grounding Song

The Healing is Strong

The Power of Creation

The River is Flowing (New Millenium version)

The Sun Shines on Everyone

The Teaching Song

The Wolf and the Fox

The Wonder of it All

They Will Remain

Tower of Strength

Trail of Beauty

Trust in the Higher Self

Tumbling Stone

Turn the World Around


Universe Turtle

Unto this World

Wake Up and Live

Walking Thru the Valley

We All Come From The Garden

We All Need Each Other

We Are A Tribe Awakening

We are Remembering

We Are Stars

We Are The Rising Sun

We Give Thanx

Weavers of Spirit

Wheels in the Water

When I Rise

When I Was Young

White Buffalo Woman

White Dove

White Owl

White Tara Mantra

Why Worry . . .

Wise in the Ways

Z – Bonus! ~ I Feel Better!!