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Songs are living beings. They birth into this plane of existence with qualities that reflect the reasons they were called here, some romantic, some filled with rage, others to sell products, to manipulate, and still others to comfort, confront, strengthen, or elevate. Those presented here all have an affinity with the currents of ceremony.  Such primordial, sacred encounters with life hold space for our deaths and rebirths, help midwife us out of our sticky cocoon of ignorance, and give us refuge for self-transformation. Many of these songs come from profound places of pain and suffering, from Divine ecstasy and grace, the depths and heights of the hells and heavens that turn the wheels of karma for this world. Many are born with a mission of spiritual healing, and go thru any number of changes in melody and word as they adapt to their life’s journey.

These songs are sung at fairs and festivals, darshans and medicine circles, churches and contemplative retreats, yoga schools and permaculture workshops, intentional communities and tribal revivals;  around campfires, altars, gardens, dinner tables, compost piles, cob pits, stalled cars, and in solitary vision quests and meditation practice. Such songs purify, bless, celebrate, move with devotion, call into Creation, disperse or metabolize negative energies, honor and invoke all manner of helpful Beings, give guidance, give thanks.  They tell of an emerging global culture of compassion and earth-conscious living weaving a new world into existence. By singing our prayers, we open to the heart of the Eternal Now. We thereby give space for forces greater than us to work positive change thru us, strengthen the links and intentions of this culture, and sing the world yet further ALIVE.

We welcome those of you who choose to play in the fields of these songs, and support your pursuit of learning them, and evolving your own.  Also, any creator who does not want their song(s) listed here, reply to that effect for easy remedy.  Those who have songs, or know of songs, they feel would work well with this community, send them along . . . Feel free to comment on the songs, including where you think a song might have come from from, where and how it has travelled, and how it may have sprouted new growths of melody and word, and/or changed in purpose and application on its journey.  

May All Beings Be Happy, Now and Forever! ~ ~~ ~