Singing Alive

This is a 4 day outdoor event. Camping and parking are included. Conditions are woodsy.

Tickets for this event are limited. Directions will be emailed at time of purchase.

PHOTO ID REQUIRED for each adult ticket
To enter the event bring photo ID and ticket with matching name.
Tickets must be registered in each attendees own name.

There is a $30 fee for transfers. Be sure to register the correct name.

any pets on site are screened, pre-registered, and approved for staff only
ticket holders may not bring pets

new: 18 ft length limit for camper vans & RVs

camper van & RV parking is limited, first come first serve

Complimentary vegetarian meals offered 3x daily
Please bring an item to contribute if you can.
Something abundant from the garden, or organic bulk items

Earliest arrival is after noon Thursday, August 8th 2024