Singing Alive

Things to be Aware of 



We will be scanning tickets and photo IDs at the entrance.

wilID and Ticket must match

We will not be working from a printed list this time.  We will scan your photo ID and the barcode on your ticket.  Bring a paper or digital copy of your ticket.

Dog Policy

Dogs and other pets are not allowed at this event. Do not bring comfort or emotional support animals. Pets will not be allowed entry and those asked to leave because they attempted to bring a pet will not be refunded. 

Work Traders and Staff members may apply ahead of the gathering for special consideration in bringing a pet.  This will be determined on a case by case basis, and more or less will only be granted to those workers we truly need and cannot replace.  

ADA qualified service animals trained/in-training and actively working  (undistracted and on task, not interacting with the event or attendees) may be registered with ticket purchase.   Service animals must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered unless these devices interfere with the service animal’s work or the person’s disability prevents use of these devices.

Do not interact with animals that attend the event, they are working and distractions could be dangerous for the person with a disability. 

Animals that are off task, disturbing or interacting with the event or attendees will be asked to leave.  If a service animal attending the event does not behave as a service animal we may communicate with the ADA about a potentially false disability claim.

This is a vegetarian event.  

If you bring meat items for yourself please eat them discreetly at your campsite or car.  Please do not bring meat to the dining or public areas, or call a ‘show and tell’ attention to its presence.

Recording and Photography

For informational and artistic purposes, elements of this event maybe recorded, video-taped, or photographed.  All attendees agree to this.  Likewise, all people doing such documenting are asked to act respectfully and with no sense of entitlement, as such privileges can be taken away.

The ‘Us vs Them’ Mind-set

The ‘us vs them’ mind-set is pervasive in mainstream culture and media.   We are all to degrees conditioned by its tendencies to blame, shame, and guilt trip, to turn the endless drama-triangles of perpetrator, victim, and rescuer.

However, as the universe eternally and inexorably seeks wholeness, any judgment of others keeps us in a creation-loop with them, gives energy to what we seek to separate from.   When we do not try to change those who do not wish to change, educate those who do not wish to be educated, or ‘pop anyone’s bubble’ that does not want their bubble popped, we are free to put our energies into being the ‘change we wish to see in the world’.  We then become an example to others that invites participation, rather than a disturbance that creates resistance.  We become empowered by owning our co-creative role in the world as we experience it.

This event is alive with songs that soften the heart, that can help resolve this mind-set in the crucible of compassion for ourselves and others.   If you are feeling phlegmy with ‘us vs themy’, seek out song remedies, and voice them with harmonies. We strive to keep the event well stocked with the appropriate song supplies. 

States of Undress

Expressions of nudity are not necessarily equated with a loosening of sexual boundaries.   Be conscious with regards to consent.  Please help people feel safe with their personal boundaries.


This event is NOT a place to use profanity and engage in abusive language.

Please wash your hands before eating.

On to breakfast / lunch / dinner we go
or the plants are our relations
Here to feed all nations
And when we come to yum yum yum yum
I tell your truly our meal will come
So open up your mouth and receive
The manna from the Almighty
Clean hands and a heart so pure . .


Please only smoke in the designated smoking areas.

If asked to cease and desist

If you are told by designated ‘peace tenders’ or administrators of this event to desist from actions that are considered to be disturbing the peace, you agree to do so.   If for any reason you are asked by designated ‘peace tenders’ or administrators of this event to leave the premises, you agree to do so.


Pack in, pack out. Leave nothing behind, carry out your own trash rather than depositing it in the kitchen receptacles. Thank you.

The ethos of Singing Alive

We consider Singing Alive as part of a larger culture of Peace.  We hold that Peace in the world can only come thru cultivating Peace within.  We offer this event as a retreat, where one can do the work of self-reflection, of self-understanding, in a supportive community of song enthusiasts.