Cantando la Vida

Cantando la Vida

February 23-25, 2024

Hola a todos, corazones cariños! Hello all you dear hearts!

As of Wednesday evening online registration for Cantando la Vida is closed. Thank you for understanding.

If you do come be prepared to pay the gate price.

Thank you, Love you

P.S. There are no volunteer positions. 

Cantando la Vida ~ Singing Alive Costa Rica is a shared path of remembering and reweaving our living song culture. This practice is bringing together of the worlds through harmonic communion. We are revitalizing this culture through enacting community rituals, by including song in community events, and by celebrating the inspiration brought forth by song and voice!

Cantando la Vida exists to nourish this deep desire to sing from the heart and support those who wish to live the teachings of our songs, ancient and new.

We will gather in circle to share songs, stories, laughter & prayers, invocations, intentions, blessings, mantras, and ommmmm.  Themed circles are scheduled throughout the days, facilitated and offered as a song teaching place. Community offerings are welcome: spontaneous singing or a workshop during early hours or community time; yoga, nature walks, bodywork.

All are invited to the song village who wish to activate, heal, and nurture their spirit in this way. Please join us at Finca Amrta, a sacred nature reserve and farm in Costa Rica’s southern zone for a weekend of camping to deepen our relations and strengthen our bonds through song sharing.

— BlesSings, Rosie, Suzanna and Finca Amrta

Cantando la Vida

February 23-25, 2024



*~**~**~* WHAT is a SONG VILLAGE *~**~**~*

A song village is what happens when caring, open-hearted people come together to sing for days on end! We are the song village; what we bring, what we do, what we say, and sing, we create together!  Tending a village extends into seeing that everyone is welcomed, we take care of our own, we support each others’ wellbeing, and we cherish the land and all kin.

 To keep costs affordable, we offer dharma. Attendees will be invited to help the village, to the extent that you are able. 

* Families are welcome * Let us know if you would like to run a children’s activity some time this weekend * use subject line, ClV Kids.

*~*~*~* SCHEDULE *~*~*~*

~ Thursday ~ February 22nd ~ 2-4pm as an added offering people may arrive Thursday; to set up camp, participate in a Potluck dinner, and sing around a getting to know you fire. Bring a prepared dish to share or healthy portions of ingredients for a salad! 

~ Friday & Saturday/Full Moon ~ ((Breakfast)) Opening Ceremony/Morning Announcements circle, Morning Circle, Lunch, Community Time, Afternoon Circle, Dinner, Evening Fire Circle.

~ Sunday  ~ Closing Ceremony Day ~ Breakfast, First Circle, Morning Circle, Lunch, Village Barter Fair @ Lunchtime, Closing Ceremony is Sunday afternoon. If you wish you may stay for dinner, and one final fire circle! Monday morning breakfast is not provided. 

~ Monday ~ Depart Monday morning Pack in Pack out. Breakfast will be served for those prearranged helping clean up.


Cantando la Vida

February 23-25, 2024

*~**~**~* FOOD *~**~**~*

Songs nourish our spirits, wholesome vegetarian food will nourish our bodies. Three meals a day Friday through Sunday, of lovingly made organic foods. Many food items are made/grown on the farm, or purchased from the neighboring farm community.

* Thursday evening is potluck style 

* The Menu is gluten free & includes: tortillas, rice & beans, lentils, local cheese & milk, salads, oats, vegetables, & Finca Amrta fruits, bananas!  Do you have an abundance of foods to share? Let us know! Especially welcome are nuts and seeds, fruits, & treats!

* Please note that the Kitchen is NOT open for public use. For those with strict dietary needs, we encourage you to bring your own food. You are welcome to bring a small camp stove to prepare your own meals.

* If possible, please bring your own bowl, plate, mug, utensils for the duration.