Singing Alive

A Gaian Folk-Song Gathering

Gaia ~ the ancient Greek word for Mother Earth, aka Terra, Pacha-mama, third planetary being from the sun, the creative force of life. This understands the planet as a living, breathing, evolving organism, that we humans mirror in the micro-cosm of our physical existence.

Folk ~ ‘people’, or speaking tribally, ‘my peeps’

Song ~ a vibrational being. For humans, a voiced song’s viability and purpose, function and destiny, depends on which strata of the imagination they rise or emanate from. This can range from the mythic bedrock of collective consciousness, to the surface realms of samsara (the ego-identified life). Songs need humans to sing them much like flowers need bees. And just as honey is created from that union, so the harmonic sweetness (in its various flavors!) between songs and singers can fuel a holy art of manifestation.

Gaian Folk ~ From the earth as organism perspective, all beings that make up her body, the ‘tribes of creation’, aka ‘society of nature’, are people, are Gaian Folk. Therefore we have e.g., the ‘stone people’, the ‘cottonwood people’, the ‘ant people’, and so on. Likewise, all have a ‘culture’, as varied as the mating dance of Japanese cranes, sunflower heads turning to follow the sun, and the growth of a quartz crystal. All play an integral part in the Gaian metabolism, and all have songs that constellate their form, and reflect the ‘medicine’ of their contribution to the healthy evolution of this planet.

For humans, this awareness runs thru the multi-dimensionalities of our heart-space. The more we bring the head, with its divisive tendencies, into service to the heart, which inherently unifies, the more relational and connected we feel, and the more we perceive the world in inclusive, integrated ways.

Folk-song ~ Songs that make up the ever-changing oral tradition of a culture, both human and beyond, generally considered to be communally owned, held, and evolved. . These include those voiced with melody and lyric, bird songs, dog howling and cat yowling, the sounds of wind blowing thru leaves, the crackling of a fire, and the rhythmic drippings of water in a seaside cave, as well as the hyper-dimensional tonalities, and light-languaging of the star tribes.

Gaian Folk-song ~ A broad view of world events, reveals the ending of a gestation cycle of the planetary intelligence. Energies of expansion and elevation are coursing thru Gaia as she flowers into next-octave earthly life. These forces are likewise moving us out of history and into remembrance. From the winter thaw of our self-imposed limitations, songs are sprouting that herald this transition. They bloom as gifts from Creation to help us ’story’ ourselves in new ways. Many attend to the release of what is passing, others to the mid-wiving of what is arriving. Together they progress a narrative of mythic renewal, a journey that stretches our borders and boundaries, urges us to shed and molt, re-form and re-create ourselves. These include songs of homesickness and longing, embodiment and recognition, identity crisis and initiation, transformation and empowerment, emergence and gratitude.

To carry such songs is to be an emissary of their intentions and a signature of their vibrations, a cultural scout, a way shower. The more we sing (and feel) them, the more we come into resonance with their reality. Gaian folk-songs are native to a future healed earth, who’s time is NOW. When we attune to this dream-story, which happens most easily in ceremonial space supported by like-hearted humans in an environment potent with nature (Singing Alive!), we move more completely from programming to intuition. From this place we chant the world as we are guided, and this world begins to sing thru us, to become us. The world is as we sing it, for there is, ultimately, no separation, we are all one with Creation . .

Gaian Folk

We . . are . strong clear and focused
no distractions can provoke us

we’re aligning with our passions
with our root enthusiasms

gratitude for all that serves us
to remember higher purpose

helps us set the frequencies
into the positivities

for we’re soul hungry people
in the midst of an upheaval

been too long in this confusion
time to dispel . . dispel . . dispel . . . these illusions . .

Breath . . breath the guiding forces
that well up from pranic sources

and relax into the harmonies
that activate the memories

of where we’re from and why we’re here
and things are not as they appear . .

As . we . . open up our senses
drop the past and future tenses

we attune to subtle energies
of planet earth identities

and grow to shed our chrysalis
of cosmologic ignorance

to rise up free of gravities
from life in slower densities

and reimagine our existence
as a path of least resistance

like a ripple running free
on seas of synchronicities

we hold this resonance to see
how we create reality

and walk our talk to graduation
from this school of limitation . .

So . .let . . us . . sing alive traditions
that give form to intuitions

of the Oneness celebration
permeating all creation

for we’re star-makers children
seeds of light to grow the future

in this garden-world of karma
highs of joy and lows of trauma

we resolve into the medicine
the ever-loving Sun within

that shines with light invisible
yet flowers all thatz physical

revealing wonders trailing glory
from the Gaian Dreamtime story