Singing Alive

Oh Oh Fiddlehead
Curled up in your little bed
I will unravel, when I am ready
I will unfurl myself, when I am steady
I will give myself to the sun
Once blessed morning
I will give myself to the wind,
and tell my story
Hey hey yah hey yah yah hey yah hey yah hey yah yah


  1. Melissa Joy Rain

    Hello! I learned this lovely ode at Plants Enchant this year (2017). I am wondering who the Singer is who brought this song through, I would love to speak to them! My friend and I play music for children and we would love to share this song with them. It is both a passion and a livelihood for us, and because there is money involved, I would love to have the change to ask permissions ~ Thank you

  2. Karly Loveling

    Nirmala wrote this song. I don’t have her current contact info, but I think her last name is Waterhouse and she recently moved to Iowa to teach at a Waldorf School… in case that helps you track her down.


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