Singing Alive

I can feel my heartbeat
Beating to the rhythm of the freedom drum

When I say yes to the beat in me
I can set my spirit free
When I say yes to the beat in you
We can shine our light right thru


  1. katie hicks

    Who wrote this song? Where does it originally come from? I’m trying to track this down. I learned it from some people at the Wilderness Awareness School in Washington State.
    Any help?

  2. Jesse

    I looked into this a little while ago and to the best of my knowledge the original version of this song was written by “Banjo Joe” Crookston and first appeared on his 2004 album “Fall Down as the Rain.” I contacted him and he confirmed this. Neither the title nor lyrics show up in web searches, so I suspect this wasn’t actually a civil rights song, though I could be wrong.

  3. Inna

    Does anyone know the chords for this song?


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