Singing Alive

Ancestors, star people, all here today
Hear our hearts song
Hear our respect
Hear our love
Feel our grateful tears falling
I am truly blessed
We are truly blessed


  1. wizardwizdom

    Love great love, this is all

    • Ewa

      Thank you 🙂
      Do you have chords for this song?

  2. Ewa

    OK, thank you. So far I came up with G D A 🙂 but I don’t know if it is right…

    • Ewa

      And thank you so much for all those beautiful songs. My Spirit is flying to heaven 🙂

  3. Baruch Roter

    D A G is my new favorite chords for it (thanks to Niayh Freeman)

    I also like:
    C G Am F
    C G C
    Am G
    Am G
    Am G Am
    G Am
    G AmGC

  4. Karen

    I was there on Maui in 2004 when the song was birthed.
    Ancestors, Sky People

  5. McCadden

    Original lyric “Ancestor Sky People,” using “my” and “I” this song is a “Dance for Universal Peace” with lyrics by Mischa Saez, music by Harmony Grisman, and movements by Sharee Anderson. Her recording:

    Wilderness Awareness School / Anake recording:

    In an interview with Chris Englund that was published in the April 2014 Dances of Universal Peace North America Newsletter (, Harmony Grisman said:”For many years I have been writing, and helping others write, Medicine Songs. For instance, for the past 23 years I have worked with AIDS/HIV community to help create songs and give voice to the least heard, the children, families, and adults who have endured this disease. ‘Ancestors’ is one of those songs.”
    “When I help people write their songs they do not need to be musical, just willing to express what is in their hearts. Then I write down their words and try to shape the music to whatever would please them. ‘Ancestors’ was co-written with Misha Saez who was the Art Director at Camp Sunburst (Livermore, CA) for children and families with HIV/AIDS in the early nineties. She showed me a longer poem she had written and I excerpted this section to make what I knew would be a powerful chant. She and I both have great respect for Native American traditions and you are correct in thinking there is some of that tradition in these words. As always, I shaped a melody and chord accompaniment to fit with the words and we were both very happy with the result. Since that time, the song has spread to many Singers and Dancers throughout the world. We are both very happy that it has been strong Medicine for so many.”


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