Singing Alive

I wanna go home, I wanna go home

Now we’re gonna find, our way back home,

Flow river flow I don’t know where you go, but I’m jumping in and I trust you carry me

Carry me/us home, Carry me/us home


  1. Jay

    Who is the artist for Carry Me Home? What is the history of this song?

    • mtxen

      His Name is Glen Smith. He has come to Singing Alive Costa Rica (Cantando La Vida) a few times, and shared the song there, which is how it made its way out into the larger Singing Alive world. Beyond that I don’t how or where it has travelled. This is his facebook page:

  2. Glenn Smith

    wow so heartwarming to hear this song take wings and fly off in different directions! this song first came to me around 2008 and i started singing it around Santa Cruz, CA at beach bonfires and gatherings. Then I took it down to Cantando La Vida (singing alive) in Costa Rica in 2016 & 2018. I’m sure it’s similar to some old appalachian folk tunes or other old songs, so i can’t claim it’s completely original. my version is different than either of the ones on here. maybe i’ll try to upload it here. I included a couple versions of it on my “Campfire Choir” CD, some of which was recorded around the fire in Costa Rica. you can check out the CD here:


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