Singing Alive

Pachamama Pachamama…….Ayahuasca Ayahuasca
(Mother Earth Mother Earth) ( Ayahuasca, Ayahuasca)
Poderosa curandera
(Powerful Healer)

Poderosa medicina
(Powerful Medicine)

Pachamama Mamasita……Ayahuasca Mamasita
(Mother Earth, Our Mother) (Ayahuasca, Our Mother)

Cura Cura Corazones
(Heal, heal our Hearts)

Cura Cura Cuerpecitos
(Heal, heal our bodies)

Cura cura con medicina
(Heal, heal with your medicine)

De las plantas, de la tierra
(Of the plants, of the earth)

Floricitas, Arbolitos
(Flowers, Trees)

Poderosa Curandera
(Powerful healers)

Entre entre, Cura cura
(enter enter, heal heal)

Con Amor, Cura cura
(With love, heal heal)


  1. jila

    Does anyone have chords for this song? <3 jila

    • Rainbow

      Aloha! When I originally arranged the music to these words in Costa Rica 2+ years ago, the chords I used were Am and G. Perhaps it has evolved as it has traveled, but that is how it began at least : ) Blessings!

  2. rumboazul

    Wow… what a song! I love it!
    I’m also interested in getting the chords, it’s such a beautiful song!
    Thanks, love and blessings!


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