Singing Alive

There’s a jewel in the lotus flower unfolding, deep within my soul.
And the jewel  of the lotus flower en-lightens, guiding my way home.

Om Mani Padme Hum Om Mani Om Mani Padme Hum


  1. stasysearth

    Ever since I first heard these words they have stirred a great feeling of joy . Does anyone know whom wrote this, and if there are any more from the person/person’s

    • tribesofcreation

      I just know it as kind of a rainbow song. I learned it in Costa Rica, and changed one of the lyrics, from ‘unfolding is the highest goal’, ‘en-lightens, guiding my way home’ ~~ MT Xen

  2. maria zapata

    Just woke up this morning hearing a voice inside sa ying lotus flower I immediately Google it and I found this beautiful songs what a blessing. Thankivb God.

  3. Gregory Vanderlaan

    The Jeweled Lotus Flowering deep within our Soul.
    The Jeweled Lotus Flowering is our Highest Goal.

    I heard it sung at a Rainbow Gathering in California

  4. Art

    I learned this from Plum Village:

    There is a jewel in a lotus flower unfolding deep within my soul
    To be the jewel in a lotus flower unfolding is the highest goal

    Om mani hum mani padme hum
    Om mani hum mani padme hum

  5. NRG

    Tribes of Creation, your beautiful alteration to the song has made its own journey! I heard a group of beloveds sing it that way during ceremony with grandmother. Circa 2017- present day by a dear sister, KC. ♾♾

  6. Julia

    I would love to play this song “Jewel in the Lotus Flower” on my ukulele or harmonium. Would you please share the chords?

    It’s so enlightening, thank you for sharing.


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