Singing Alive

There’s a jewel in the lotus flower unfolding, deep within my soul.
And the jewel  of the lotus flower en-lightens, guiding my way home.

Om Mani Padme Hum Om Mani Om Mani Padme Hum


  1. stasysearth

    Ever since I first heard these words they have stirred a great feeling of joy . Does anyone know whom wrote this, and if there are any more from the person/person’s

    • tribesofcreation

      I just know it as kind of a rainbow song. I learned it in Costa Rica, and changed one of the lyrics, from ‘unfolding is the highest goal’, ‘en-lightens, guiding my way home’ ~~ MT Xen

  2. maria zapata

    Just woke up this morning hearing a voice inside sa ying lotus flower I immediately Google it and I found this beautiful songs what a blessing. Thankivb God.

  3. Gregory Vanderlaan

    The Jeweled Lotus Flowering deep within our Soul.
    The Jeweled Lotus Flowering is our Highest Goal.

    I heard it sung at a Rainbow Gathering in California


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