Singing Alive

E Aloha Kumukahi Ea Ea E Aloha kumukahi E
Kumukahi Kumukahi Ea Ea Kumukahi Kumukahi E
Ho’oponopono Ea Ea Ho’oponopono E
Ho’ona’au ponopono Ea Ea Ho’ona’au ponopono E
Ho’omana’o ponopono Ea Ea Ho’omana’o ponopono E
No’o no’o ponopono Ea Ea No’o no’o ponopono E
Mahalo Kumukahi Ea Ea Mahalo Kumukahi E

Kumukahi —  One Source/Creator —  exists in all things
Ho’o —  puts into action
Ponopono —  Become rightly aligned, balanced, cut chord with whatever prevents your outcome
Na’au pono —  Trust, knowing what you want
Mana’o pono —  Willpower to accomplish what you want, determination, taming mind
No’o pono —  Positive thinking correctly to pursue what you want
Mahalo —  Thank you
Aloha —  Unconditional love, respect, honor


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