Singing Alive

Areas of the Gathering



Check in at registration.  Your name will be on our guestlist at the en~trance gate.  Bring your photo ID and a copy (digital is fine) of your ticket reciept.   You will be directed to parking and camping options, and will be guided through our entry portal. 

The en~trance portal.  Get smudged, drop your ego agenda, and enter into sacred space.



Where meals and snacks are prepared and served.   Keep clear of the cooking and cleaning work areas unless you are dropping off food or offering assistance.  

In addition to 3 healthy vegetarian meals a day, look here for snacks in the afternoon and late evening.  

Late night snacks are fun and festive – keep the space tended with breakfast crew in mind, and be conscious of sound carrying to song sharing areas..  


Food donations are enthusiatically welcome!

The gathering started out as a potluck and retains an element of communal nourishment.

We provide the base ingredients for meals.   Your donations will add dimension and embellishment.

Bring something you have or you love in bulk ~ snacks foods, fruits and vegetables, favorite condiments, nut butters, granola etc..  It could be prepared, packaged, or raw materials just have a sense of usable quanitities for large groups.

There will be a tent behind the kitchen where donations are received. 

Thank you!

Tea House

Coffee, hot water, and teas are found at the tea house!

Again we will provide what is needed for this area and donations are welcome to add extra decadence ….

donations of honey, creamers, tea bags or loose herbs, herbal elixers or tinctures, tea snacks can be dropped off at the tea house itself. Thank you!



Kids are welcome at Singing Alive!  We have an area for games, toys, and crafts as well as some scheduled activities for kids and parents.  

The main meadow is another area that often hosts playful children who need some running around.  

We do not offer drop off child care at Singing Alive.  You will need to watch your own kids.  Plan to be in eyesight of your child at all times, and have enough adult support with you to manage any kids you bring. 



Singing Alive is intended as sacred space.  In such a ceremonial setting, opening our voices and our hearts and being in community, things often arise – unexpected emotions or realizations.  

We have some open space near the Medical Tent and altar for sitting quietly or processing with a supportive ally.  Please utiliize this area for your growth and healing, speak softly here and respect others in their own process as well. 

First Aid

Medical Tent, located in the main medow. Self service medical supplies will be available here.


Cultivate inner peace  … find the still point 

Other Activities


Please keep all smoking to designated areas. 

We have a smoking temple, which hosts smoke of many plants in a variety of contexts.  It has been a rather boisterous and fun area with lively song sharing and we love this. 

However, we see a need for an additional smoking temple ~ one for quiet prayerful intake.  

Both temples may be used for prayer, but the new temple will be more exclusive to that context. 



We have a developing art area!

Craft supplies and some guided projects will be hosted here.  

We have 2 amazing artists (including the one who painted the enchanted woodland murals you will see onsite, and the one who painted the owl image and song circle images you see on this website) that will be anchoring the area.  

Be in touch if you’d like to offer a guided project or have craft materials to share. 


Circle Spaces

the Mothership

Sky Lodge in the main meadow, our largest space for daytime and night fire circles


Green sky lodge across from the kitchen.  A space for daytime and night fire circles

the Starlight

Sky Lodge by the tea house, our second largest space for daytime and night fire circles


Daytime circle space in the far meadow near camping.  May be a non-fire night circle space.