Singing Alive

All the Singing Alive (SA) events, including Plants enChant, were envisioned, created, and are enacted as expressions of ceremonial space, aka as sacred space, with the verb ‘holding’ space often used to maintain it.  For those attendees not familiar with the concept, or asking for further clarification, we offer the following . .

What is ceremony?

We are defining it as the formal act of stepping out of one (usual or temporal) reality, to then enter another one (sacred or timeless), for purposes of positive change, and then re-enter the previous reality, which is now (hopefully) effected in good ways.   This is an archetypal process of change and renewal, nearly hardwired into our humanness, as seemingly necessary for us as going up from the ocean for air is for dolphins and whales.

It is more or less a three part process, which each part, and each transition, being attended to in different ways.

  •  We first prepare to exit our usual reality.  This is done thru setting intentions, which is a stating of the issues you would like to have help with or resolved, and an asking (prayer) for co-creative guidance from the resources available in sacred space.
  • Transition into sacred space is attended by a formal ritual of letting go of the attachments to the previous reality, sometimes understood as a ‘dying’ to the self, or identity, native to it.  This is often done by going thru a portal or passage of some kind.
  • In sacred space, the veils between worlds thin, and one ideally surrenders into a more fluid state of being that allows a remolding, a restructuring, of ones sense of self.   The beating heart of the present moment pumps intuitions and knowings to inform the process
  • One transitions out of sacred space in a similar way one enters, often offering gratitude for the help received
  • Re-entry into the temporal world comes with a feeling into the newness of the changes, and a responsibility to integrate them into ones life.

How is this done at Signing Alive?

At about the idea of switching gears from our usual (for most of us anyway) mainstream life, in which we pedal the bicycle of ego-mind,  always striving to get away from some undesired past and towards some unrealized future, to one in which we get off the bicycle, stop moving, and begin to feel into the present moment, the stillness.  And in this stillness another, more expansive order of reality begins to reveal itself, a way of being human, a way of  . .  existing.   This actuality is always there, it just gets lost and forgotten in the usual drama of the cosmic inferiority complex that the ego-mind creates for itself with its fear-based safety seeking strategies.   To help make us aware of, and thereby activate, this more expansive order of reality, is the goal of ceremonial space.

What is the intent of Ceremonial Space?

Like many transformative events, SA exists as a social experiment, a relatively fluid space for us play with creating a better world.   It is however, unlikely a better world can created by doing things the same way they have been done in past.   Einstein suggests it, by famously saying, ‘no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.’   Level of consciousness can also also be understood in energetic terms, as frequencies.  Various cultural norms are in resonance with, and therefore normalized, by the

Some would complete their courses and return in time to the field of unity, but others were gathering layers of experience without the natural relinquishing of firm that characterizes and renews all heathy identities.   Like you they soon found that tension was required to hold onto their images and memories. .  They also found it increasingly difficult to distinguish these past impress from their sense of self .  They lost contact with the creative currents of renewal  that are designed to periodically recharge all aware creatures keeping them clearsighted, alert, and in communion with Source. . The danger of following ever-narrowing identity beams. .  

The strange habit of storing identities within your psyche as one might store dresses of suits of clothes. .  the results of over-identification with form. .