What to Bring (SA Cascadia)

Singing Alive 2016_337

  • The first thing to bring is your willingness to offer cooperative energies to keep things flowing well.  To keep the gathering affordable to all who wish to attend, and to cultivate the community spirit, we ask everybody to volunteer to assist, to the extent you are able, 2 – 4 hrs in the smooth running of the event.  Tasks include helping in registration, parking, the tea house, meal preparation, serving, and clean-up, circle recording, children’s activities, site maintenance. washing dishes and pots, tidying up, running errands, etc.  There will be a volunteer coordinator to assist with this.  
  • This is a living-on-the-land thing, so come prepared with tent, bedding, flashlights, water bottle, warm clothes, seat cushion, etc.  If you have an RV, or a car camping situation, that can happen in the parking area.  
  • Electricity is also happening in the dining.  
  • Potable water might be in short supply, so bring your own if you can.  
  • Bring songbooks and CDs for show and share. If you have a recording device, bring for yourself, or we could possibly use it as an additional resource for recording circles.  
  • If you have things to sell or trade, bring them for an afternoon marketplace on Monday.


  • The food vision is to enjoy a great potluck (food for everyone, no vendors), with the organizers providing staples, such as some grains and vegetables, condiments, cooking oils, kitchen infrastructure, and a team of people whose task is to run the whole thing.  Meaning everyone is requested to bring food to contribute to the community meals. Since it will be harvest season, there should be much abundance out there. Bring what fruits and vegetables you can to feed the Family!
  • Everything will be vegetarian, and as soy-free and organic as possible. Granolas, chips, nuts, and such are also good to bring.  
  • Bring your own plates, cups, and silverware and keep them for the duration. We’ll have a dishwashing station set up, so helpful hands can be busy there.  
  • There will be a tea house, and donations of herbal and caffeinated teas, chais, coffees, herbal tinctures/medicines etc. are welcome.

AND . .

DOGS ~  No pets. ADA Service animals only. Email registration PRIOR TO EVENT to make arrangements. Thank you. 
SMOKING ~ We endeavor to have the public spaces (commons) be smoke free.   Because of the fire danger, we ask you to smoke only in the spacious smoking temple.
YOGA MATS ~ bring them, especially if you have an interest in attending yoga classes in the Om Dome
SHOWERS and BATHING ~ not much!  Though there is a small creek, the place to go is a large spring fed pond @ the upper end of the site.  There is clean, clear well water happening, which will feed a number of sinks for washing up, and some simple hose-nozzle set ups behind the tea temple to rinse you body off if you feel the need to do so. .  
CELL PHONES ~ Some. .  cell phones work in the canyon.  Reception is good on the road leading into the site
WISH LIST ~ Hay bales, hardwood firewood, portable chairs, kids activities things, herbal tinctures for healing area . . .