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July 19 – 22, 2019, near Salem, Oregon

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Plants enChant 2019 offerings posted here

Plants enChant offerings from past years…

Tell-A-Vision, w/ Morgan Brent
Share plant (and fungi) visions, and related experiences of radical symbiosis, in a group setting.  In such ways we may get
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Plant Shamanism Journey, w/ Jan Kinsey
We will embark of a middle world shamanic journey to a plant that is calling out to you. You will
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Awakening with Nature Elementals, w/ Camilla Blossom
Open your connection with the spirit of land with song, flower essences, and a guided drum journey to meet the
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An Exploration of the Rapé (Hape’) Tradition, w/ Drew YoungSpring
This ancient form of ceremony is an incredible and ancient way to come together to pray, cleanse, heal, and sing.
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Mugwort and Dreaming, w/ Rosie Kenny
Mugwort and Dreaming       facilitated by:    Rosie Kenny       •.❤.•*´¨`*•.❤.•*´¨`*•.❤•*´¨`*•.❤•*´¨`*•.❤.•*´¨`*•.❤.•*´¨`*•.❤.• Plants enChant 2018 Offerings…
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Amazonian Plant Medicine Songs, w/ Drew YoungSpring
 The Amazonian Medicine Song Circle will incorporate both traditional Amazonian plant medicine songs from the Forest as well as songs
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Sacred Seed Planting Ceremony, w/ Luckey Bunny Ananda and Tasya Herskov
During our time together we will enter into a ritual space centered around reciprocity with the Land and the sacred
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Cacao Ceremony, w/ Christina Gomes & Sage Aurora
Sound, Space & Shamanic Journey: A Cacao Ceremony for unleashing the power of your voiceFlower Power Sacred Sound Ceremony with CacaoIn
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The School of Forest Medicine, w/ Scott Kloos
facilitated by:Scott Kloos ~ is a plant medicine practitioner, wildcrafter, and medicine maker. He has been working with the native plants of
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Sylvapolitan Rising: the Ways & Meanings of Human Flowering, w/ Morgan Brent
Plant-inspired teachings that acculture us to the ‘Survival of the Most Loving’.  Go here and here for a brief overview of
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Plant Teachers, Consciousness, & Medicine from a Celestial Perspective, Channeling w/ Dante Singh
An exploration of plant consciousness, medicine, and the role of teacher plants through the channeling of celestial guides. Channeling is a phenomena
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Plant Allies for Empaths, w/ Rebecca Minifie
Walking through the world as sensitive human beings, plants allies can help support us in many ways. Our connection to
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Breathwork: Connecting with Plants Beings & the Earth, w/ Blake Spencer
Breathwork with an emphasis on how our breath connects us to every living creature. A remembrance that we breathe and share
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Reawaken Ritual: Setting Sacred Space & Flower Power Channeling, w/ Sage Aurora   
In this workshop, we will be co-creating a ceremony through the practice & explanation of setting sacred space rituals with
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A Visionary Approach to Creating Herbal Formulas, w/ Nome McBride
Nome loves herbs and is so excited to share some of his approach to formulating herbs in any form. Well
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Herbal Infused Washes & Massage, w/ Juliet Thompson
Juliet will incorporate herbal infused washes to a massage, helping people relax, clean up a little bit, and receive light
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Healing Waters Ceremony ~ Yellow Pond Lily & Oxum, w/ Kathryn Kloos ND LMT & Sommer Fawn Moselle
In this workshop we will call upon the element of water with song and ritual to cleanse, purify, and release
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Conscious Cannabis Culture, w/ Merlyn of Gaia
Calling all Ganga-loving visionaries and collaborators! This 2 hr intensive is for those inspired to co-create a Conscious Cannabis culture. Merlyn of Gaia
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Opening the Voice with Plants Medicine and Our Hands (Craniosacral), w/ Erin Gattuso
The combination of song and plant medicine has been used traditionally by many cultures to create a transcendental state of
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Heart of Nature Song Circle, w/ Shiloh Circle
Songs in praise of natures wonder and majesty, songs to remember that we are woven intricately and inextricably into the
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