Plants enChant 2019 Daily Schedule

July 19 – 22, 2019, near Salem, Oregon

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Daily Schedule

We officially begin Friday morning.  There are informal activities on Thursday, but please arrive no earlier than 12 noon if you are coming that day.   If you would like to come yet earlier and assist with set-up, that can happen with advanced notice. .  

Every day we will gather in a OPENING CIRCLE (around 9:30), to begin the day with a few songs, exercises, and introduction to whats to come for the day.  

Whats to come are offerings (aka ‘class’, ‘workshop’, etc. .) in the morning (10:15 – 12:15), and 2 in the afternoon (2:30 – 4:30;  4:45 – 6:45).

At 7:00 we gather in a DINNER CIRCLE to close the day and introduce dinner and evening events.   These are mostly song sharing around fires, held in the Singing Alive tradition of equitable and inclusive song sharing, however plant ceremonies sometimes happen during the evening. 

Lunch is at 12:30 and dinner at 7:00. 

There will be a couple hours of (semi-) silence between 6 – 8 am. 

 Voices and musical instruments get tuned down around 12 midnight. 

There will be a Flowering Angel Wash Sunday afternoon (3 – 5 pm), and a Marketplace (stalkmarket!) happening Monday afternoon, 1 – 5 pm, so feel free to bring things to sell or trade.  These include, but are not limited to, herbs of all kinds – wildcrafted, garden grown, dried, live, or made into whatever ~ so it’s a time to both share and stock up!  

We will officially end Monday, after the market, though people are welcome to stay for dinner.. All attendees must depart soon after dinner unless otherwise arranged. .


Plants enChant 2019 Offerings

( …  more to come … )


Sylvapolitan Rising: The Ways of Deep Herbalism, w/ Morgan Brent
Plant-Inspired Teachings That Acculture Us To The ‘Survival Of The Most Loving’. Go Here And Here For A Brief Overview
Read more.
Shamanism and the Spirits of Nature, w/ Jan Kinsey
Where in the shamanic geography do the nature spirits reside? What are the roles and practices of the shaman? How
Read more.
Dancing in the Dream Time ~ Mugwort Sleepover, w/ Rosie Kenny & Adam Rivenbark
Dreaming is something that we all do, human and non-human creatures alike. Mugwort, for years, has been a teacher and
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Alchemy of Sound and Chocolate: A Heart and Voice Activation, w/ Kat Alta
Cacao is an ancient plant medicine spirit, most widely known to be used by the ancient Maya. It’s been called
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Blue Lotus Ceremony, w/ Lindsay Liana Sophia
For the past 3 years, I’ve been guided to journey with Blue Lotus in a deep way. She arrived in
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Kava Ceremony, w/ Ryan Bouton
This Workshop includes part lecture and a Q/A session before blossoming into a full blown musical Kava Ceremony. I have
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Homage to Holy Basil (Sacred Tulasi Devi)
Underlying all practices of devotional service is a PERSONALITY. Vrinda Devi is the forest devi presiding over all plants and
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Tell-A-Vision, w/ Morgan Brent
Share plant (and fungi) visions, and related experiences of radical symbiosis, in a group setting. In such ways we may
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Song and Medicine Traditions of the Amazon Rainforest, w/ Drew YoungSpring
An Exploration of how the living cultures of the Amazon Rainforest view song and their relationship to life  and plant medicines,
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Plant Teachers, Consciousness, & Medicine from a Celestial Perspective, Channeling w/ Dante Singh
An exploration of plant consciousness, medicine, and the role of teacher plants through the channeling of celestial guides. Channeling is a phenomena
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Deepening your Relationships with the Plant Beings – a Shamanic Approach, w/ Jan Kinsey
We’ll use shamanic tools to deepen our relationships with the plants. This multi-dimensional world is very intimate and sensuous. How
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