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Rides Offered

Name Departure Date Departure Time Departure Location Notes contact
Moss 2017-07-28 My home in sellwood, or whatever’s most convenient Hey! Offering a ride! Will be going for the whole weekend. 🙂 will definitely have at least 2 spots available. email
James Merlyn 2017-07-27 Santa Cruz / San Francisco / Berkeley / Mount Shasta, Etc Hi. I really want to attend but low on cash, plus giving up a weekend of UBER driving in the bay area is tough. So I thought I’d offer to pick up anyone needing a ride from Santa Cruz (where I live) to points north and return you home for a reasonable negotiable fee. I can comfortably fit 3-4 passengers in my sweet Toyota Highlander 2012, Hybrid, Limited edition with awesome sound system. (I’m an 800+ Five Star Uber Driver) If we can fill up the car it will , of course, cost each less. I have no set amount in mind. Just putting this out there to see if there’s interest. Love and blessings, James Merlyn Travis email

Rides Needed

Name Departure Date Departure Time Departure Location Notes contact
Stephen (Leif) 2017-07-27 Portland Hey yall! I’m looking for a ride to the gathering from Portland preferably on Thursday. I’ll be flying in from Asheville area on Wednesday evening and be spending the night at a friend’s house. Thank you so much!! Excited to connect! 🙂 email
Cindi Joy 2017-07-29 SE Portland Hello Song Friends! Do you have space in your car? I am looking to arrive Saturday and return on Sunday. Can chip in for gas money. 🙂 Thank you! email