Plants enChant ~ What to Bring

July 2019, near Salem Oregon

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What to Bring

The first thing to bring is your willingness to offer cooperative energies to keep things flowing well.

To keep the gathering affordable to all who wish to attend, we ask everybody to volunteer to assist, to the extent you are able, 2 – 4 hrs in the smooth running of the event. Tasks include registration, food receiving, preparation, circle recording, children’s activities, washing pots and pans, potty perusal, cleaning up, running errands, etc.  There will be a volunteer coordinator(s) to assist with this.

This is a living-on-the-land thing, so come prepared with tent, bedding, flashlights, water bottle, warm clothes, etc.  If you have an RV, or a car camping situation, that can happen in the parking areas, which are grassy fields bordering forest.  

There will be some access to electricity near the dining area.  Potable water is available as well, though always good to bring your own.  

If you have a recording device, bring for yourself, or we could possibly use it as an additional resource for recording circles.  

If you have things to sell or trade, bring them for the afternoon marketplace on Sunday.

Food . .  

  • Though all meals are included as part of the ticket price, we intend that the larger community contributes to them in various ways, either thru volunteering in the kitchen, or bringing various food items.  
  • Bring what fruits and vegetables you can to feed the Family!  Everything will be vegetarian, soy-free, and as organic as possible. Granolas, chips, nuts, and such are also good to bring.
  • Bring your own plates, cups, and silverware and keep them for the duration. We’ll have a dishwashing station set up.
  • There will be a tea kitchen, and donations of herbs and herbal blends, teas, chais, coffees, etc. are  appreciated.

and  . .

PETS ~ No pets, emotional support or comfort animals allowed on site. 

 We endeavor to have the public spaces (commons) be smoke free. We ask you smoke in the smoking temples only, not the parking lot, community commons, or the camping spaces. 

 not much @ this site!  Though there is a small creek, the place to go is a large spring fed pond @ the upper end of the site.  If the potable water supply is flowing well, and we’ll set up some kind of rinsing station.

 Some. .  cell phones work in the canyon.  Reception is good on the road leading into the site