Costa Rica

~*~ Cantando La Vida ~*~
~*~ Finca Amrta, Costa Rica ~*~

Febrero 6-9, 2020

A sharing and teaching gathering for ceremonial/devotional singing circles.
Deepening relationship with every kin through song, ceremony, and celebration!

Cantando la Vida or Singing Alive Costa Rica, is a member of the family of Singing Alive events family (Cascadia and Hawaii).  Such gatherings are part of a growing global ‘song culture’. A culture which is knitting itself and the world together thru harmonic communion. This culture has been neglected as community rituals have secularized; atrophied as singing was professionalized; and devitalized as songs became disposable consumer items. However, it appears the innate urge to sing to, with, and as the glories of this world, is something that may be suppressed, but is never forgotten!

Cantando la Vida exists to encourage the remembrance of this deep desire to sing from the heart and to support those who want to live the teachings, the sadhana, of the songs. We therefore invite all to the song village who wish to activate and nurture their spiritual life in this way. Please join us, at Finca Amrta, a very sacred and participatory, nature reserve and sustainable farm in Costa Rica’s southern zone.

Finca Amrta ~ is a wonderfully majestic river-side land of forest and fields, with organically cultivated fruits, flowers, and vegetables. And a secret the land loves to reveal to those who listen. There we will spend 3 days and 4 nights in various circles around fires and altars and in the bamboo shade! Contact Finca Amrta ( for more information about staying, working, and learning at Finca Amrta outside of Cantando la Vida time.


In celebration of the voice and the messages that it shares, to sing with our ancestors and descendants and allies of this mysterious and wonderful life, on the hallowed grounds of Finca Amrta in the southern region of CR we gather.  Under the growing moon, the river lends its song into your heart, hear the whisper of the great bamboo, let the great tropical melody fill your soul with life & light & joy.
This singing medicine is potent and as we share, teach, learn together we all grow our greatness!
Cantando la Vida Organizers


is a two part process (hippee, flower child, star people learning how to streamline!)  Fill out a Registration Form and, separately, make a Payment.
1. Please fill in our registration form here.
2. Paypal below.
***** HELP avoid incurring a PayPal fee. Contact for information. Please include for which pass(es) you would like to pay; i.e. Whole Event Pass with Camping @ Early Song Bird $150  or  2 Days only, Saturday and Sunday @ ESB $60.00  or 3 Days, 3 Nights with Mattress Rental at $135 *****

Now through New Years Eve ~ Early Song Bird $150
New Years Day – on ward ~ Support the Song Village $200
– Teens 13 – 18 yrs of age = 1/2 price.
– Children (12 & under) are free. Include youth’s information during check out process.
Rentals are while supplies last, and will be paid for separately.
Bed = $40/weekend. Mattress = $20/weekend. Tent = $10/weekend.
Day Pass = No camping.
Cancellation Policy – if you discover that you cannot join the ceremony there are a few options 1. you can transfer your entrance to another 2. receive a partial refund if you tell us by Wednesday January 29th, 2020.

~*~ Early Song Bird ~*~ Now – New Year’s Eve
…while available…

Thursday February 6th ~ 2-4pm Arrive to set up camp, participate in a Potluck dinner, the Opening Ceremony, and singing around our first fire of the weekend.  Bring a prepared dish to share.  Interested in collaborating on the Opening Ceremony? Send a message to

Friday & Saturday ~ Breakfast, First Circle, Morning Circle, Lunch, Community Time, Afternoon Circle, Dinner, Evening Fire Circle.
We will circle with songs, stories, prayers, invocations, intention settings, blessings, mantras, and ommmmm.  Themed circles are scheduled throughout the days, each facilitated and offered as a teaching venue. Community offerings will comprise other activities during the days; spontaneous singing, nature walk, yoga, and swimming in the river!

Sunday ~ Breakfast, First Circle, Morning Circle, Lunch, Village Barter Fair @ Lunchtime, Afternoon Circle, Closing Ceremony is Sunday afternoon.
Stay for dinner, one final fire circle to squeeze in as much singing as possible and a last night sleeping under the stars! If you aren’t helping with clean up on Monday, please be prepared to arrange your own breakfast.

Monday ~ Depart Monday morning Pack in Pack out.  Breakfast will be served for those prearranged helping clean up. Make an inquiry here if you are interested.

FOOD While the songs will nourish our souls, we will nourish bodies with wholesome, vegetarian food. Three meals a day of yummilicious delectable organic food. *Thursday evening is potluck style & Monday morning breakfast is served for the volunteers helping clean up the Farm* The Menu is gluten free & includes: tortillas, rice, beans, lentils, local cheese & milk, salads, oats, vegetables, & Finca Amrta fruits; citrus & bananas.  Do you have foods to share? Especially welcome are nuts and seeds, chia seeds, dried fruit (especially cranberries, raisins, apricots), granola, superfood treats!
*Please note that the Kitchen is NOT open for public use. For those who have special dietary restrictions, we encourage you to bring your own food if needed. You are welcome to bring a small camp stove to prepare your own food.
*Bring your own bowl, plate, mug, and utensils for the duration. We’ll have a dishwashing station set up.


A song village is what happens when caring, open-hearted, passionate people come together to sing for days! We are the song village, what we bring, what we do, what we say, sing, create together!  We do it, make it, create it.  What happens at the song village, though with ten years of experience, has been created by someone amongst us. While there are staff and work traders, everyone has power to influence the celebration.  Tending a village extends into seeing that everyone is welcome, that we take care of each others’ (and the land’s) well-being, and some pro-active awareness for how we are all getting along.  To keep costs affordable for everyone attendees are invited to volunteer, to offer your service to the village, to the extent you are able. These are the non-glamorous and oh, so important aspects of everyday life: for example, you may choose to help change the dish washing water, be a meal host/server, or support the Welcome Area.
*Parents you are in charge of your children at all times.
*Let us know if you would like to run a children’s activity.

Come as early as Sunday Jan. 20th, in support of Cantando la Vida.
Contact for more information. Please put
‘Cantando la Vida ~ Early Arrival’ in the subject line. You will be asked to pay the farm’s $20/night camping fee which includes staples and farm produce. (your event ticket begins Thursday, *all camping fees go directly towards the caring and stewardship of Finca Amrta, the sacred land that holds our gathering.)
Note: We offer a few Need Based work trade positions and scholarships. please contact with your request.

Tent with rain fly and camping accessories
sun hat
clothing layers
good walking footwear
Recording devices are useful
musical instruments
altar items
sacred smudge
bowl, plate, utensils, etc.
sharables for the snack table
water bottle
bathing suit
Deet-free insect repellent
bio-compatible soap
and if you wish items for barter or trade *see Sunday schedule above*

THE WEATHER ~ January is summer in Costa Rica and San Isidro del General is usually dry, in the mid 80′s, though check weather reports before you pack.

Directions to Cantando la Vida ~ When you land in San Jose (SJO airport code), Costa Rica you can take a cab from the airport to the Musoc Bus station (“el Musoc”). All cab drivers know where to go. (Stop by a bank to change some money, banks give the best exchange rate, or change just a little at the airport). Buses from the Musoc station go ONLY to San Isidro, so don’t worry that you will get on the wrong bus. You should pay about $30 for the taxi ride. Buses leave every hour (8:30, 9:30 etc., with 5:30 being the last.) And the cost is around 3800 colones. The ride is 3 hours hours. If you land at 12 noon or later, plan on spending the night in San Jose or San Isidro. Make sure that you keep track of your belongings in San Jose. Our facebook page is a great place to post about hostel, hotel & ride share information and ideas.

**Always keep your money, passport and plane ticket on your body.**

From San Isidro to the farm: you have three options: 
1) Taxi: Tell the cab driver that you want to go to the entrance to Arizona neighborhood on the road to San Ramon Sur:
“Me gustaria ir a la entrada de Barrio Arizona entre Pedregoso y Pedregosito.”
Cost should be around 4000 colones. 
2) Bus: Buses leave from San Isidro Mercado Central (Central market) to San Ramon Sur/Pedregoso passing the farm.
Mon – Sat ~ 6:30AM – 8:30PM, leaving every hour on the 1/2 hour.
  Sun ~ 6:30AM – 6:30PM, leaving every hour on the 1/2 hour.
Get off at the Arizona stop. The bus usually makes this stop, be sure and tell the bus driver, “la entrada de Arizona, por favor”. Los Chofferes (bus drivers) are usually very helpful. At the San Isidro Mercado Central you will see many buses. The destination is written above the driver outside of the bus. Our bus says: San Ramon, Pedregoso. Cost is about 380 colones. Across from the entrance to Arizona is a black wooden gate with a sign that says Amrta. This is the way to our farm.  Go down the hill. Follow the road all the way to the end and you will find the volunteer house, and . . . Welcome to Finca Amrta! 
3)  Walk:  its about 60 – 70 minutes from downtown San Isidro.   Make your way to the little town of Pedregoso, take a right on the main road, and Finca Amrta will be on your left after a couple miles.  

PLEASE NOTE: If you arrive in San Isidro at dark (around 5:30-6:00) plan on taking a room a hotel (Hotel Chirripo, across from the central park, is a good place to go) and come to the farm in the daylight hours. Email  Cantando La Vida for more info. Check out ClV’s Facebook Event for Updates and to post something about yourself, let others know you are coming!

We hope to Sing you there!!