Singing Alive Song Compilations

 “When the heart opens and you can sing the names of the Lord with devotion, it is as beautiful as the blossoming of a flower. This has the beauty of the stars. At this moment, the evolving human entity becomes a channel of light, joy and love in order for this to be shared with others. However, the great challenge lies in being able to sustain this openness.”   ~ Sri Prem Baba  

In service to ‘sustaining this openness’, as a resource to learn and live songs that attend Singing Alive events, on site (field) recordings, are available, as mp3 formatted, downloads. These are mostly of SA Cascadia, however they include some songs from the regionals, and various related ceremonies.  These include:

  • SAC 2008 – 2013 (126 songs)
  • SAC 2014 (173 songs)
  • SAC 2015 (264 songs)
  • SAC 2016 – (424 songs)
  • Morgan’s Picks – (all yrs ~ 250 songs)
  • SAC 2017 (400 songs) ~new!

Remittance is $20 for each electronic download file – sent 1 – 2 days from date of purchase, and can be had via Paypal below, or send a check to (and made out to):  Singing Alive, c/o 1631 NE Broadway, #426, Portland, OR 97232.   Special requests can happen . .  just ask!   And ~~  if you want any of these recordings in physicality as Mp3 CD(s), remit $30 for each of the compilations via paypal to ‘’.   Include a message with your mailing address and the specifics of which year(s) you want.   

Singing Alive Downloads