Cascadia Tickets ~ Singing Alive & Plants enChant

Welcome to the Cascadia tickets page!
This is the place to find ticket info for our 2 Cascadia events:

  Plants enChant & Singing Alive Cascadia

Plants enChant

near Salem, OR
2018 tickets available next year

Singing Alive Cascadia 2018 Tickets

available next year

advance tickets only, none sold on site

$160 for the 4 day weekend
teens with accompanying adults – 1/2 price
(include adult’s name when purchasing teen ticket)
Children 12 and under are free  
(include number of accompanying children and ages when purchasing adult ticket)

tickets include nearly everything:  all meals, workshops / activities, and camping

No tickets sold at the event site ~ directions come w/ ticket purchase

no refunds will be issued past noon July 22nd