Agreements for Singing Alive Cascadia (SAC), the ‘Mothership’

 ~ In service to creating a conscious, focused, community space for our gathering ~  
(These agreements will vary between the various regional gatherings)

Singing Alive Cascadia is a DIY-styled, sacred song circle event.   The DIY ethos, and the sacred, most fully intersect in the allowing of a self-organizing intelligence to arise and create the event out of whoever is called to show up that particular year.   The organizers therefore focus on creating a well held ceremonial space, one conducive to the emergence and flow of this higher octave guidance.  This space is dedicated to the understanding that ‘peace without begins with peace within’.   Our approach to personal and social change is therefore more subtle than overt, revealing than provoking, pro-something rather than anti-something, and ultimately about forgiveness thru deeper understandings.   

We are offering a co-creative adventure in heart-opening melodic magic.  Co-creative not just with each other, but with the songs.   At SAC we play with the conception of songs as energetic templates whose origins pre-exist their emergence into our awareness, sovereign living beings with whom we can develop an ever evolving relationship, , , , .   Go here for further discussion of this subject.

We invite all to come who feel drawn to the path of heart-expression thru song, all who wish a new way to walk on the earth.  We keep our admission price considerably lower than comparable events to minimize the financial barrier to inclusivity. .  If anyone wishes to see more of any ethnicity, race, age group, country of origin, gender expression, or alter-abled group in attendance, we encourage those people, in the spirit of DIY and the celebration of co-creation, to individually or in collaboration with others, invite such people to the event.  

In service to the intentional space we are endeavoring to create, to its strengthening, and protection from compromise, we require the following agreements from all ticket holders.   Please note that these are not intended to impose a life philosophy on anyone, or invalidate anyone’s opinion.   They are intended to outline and define the specific container envisioned for the event, and ask agreement to respect its well-being for the duration of our time together. 

Sacred song circle culture agreements

  1. SAC is a communal singing gathering;  it is not an opportunity to give performances / create an audience
  2. The singing voice is the primary focus.  All musical instruments are in service to it.
  3. It is understood that the passage of songs from one tradition, lineage, or culture, to another, involves the need for permission.   Unless otherwise stated by the originator of a song, or made explicit by a tradition, this permission is implicitly granted by the collective Spirit of the culture that moves thru those, native to that culture, who share and teach songs with the intent of spreading a positive message and frequency to the larger human collective, of bridging lifeways and unifying the peoples of the world.   That is, we would not know these songs if they were not taught to us.  
  4. With the caveat of permission recognized, this event offers a safe space for anyone to sing any song from any spiritual tradition they are called to connect with.   To honor this soul call, we acknowledge that such appreciative engagements with songs are primarily matters between the person and the spiritual agencies that kindle remembrance of ancestral kinships.   If one has discomforting emotions around a song share, please do not interrupt the circle with these feelings.   We honor these feelings as valid, and have resources available to assist in processing them.  Lets help each other feel safe during song shares.
  5. We agree not to politicize this event into ‘us vs them’ ideologies of separation, with their attendant shaming, blaming, and guilt tripping, nor activate ‘drama triangles’ that project self-limiting labels of ‘victim, oppressor, and rescuer’ onto others.   Please help people feel safe from divisive labeling.   
  6. We agree that our opinion on songs and song sharing is our own, and is not necessarily shared by others of any ethnicity, race, age group, gender expression, country of origin, or alter-abled group.  
  7. We agree to honor the working premise of this event, that there is no ultimate ‘right’ way to sing a song.  Outside of helping a song sharer to remember a melody or lyric, or with pronunciation and translation, one cannot ‘correct’ a song that is presented at our event, one can only, respectfully, offer another version(s) of that song.
  8. If you carry a song that you do not wish to be passed on to others, please do not sing it at SAC.  

SAC logistical agreements

  1. Loud instrumentation and voice expressions soften and cease after 1 am.  Minimize talking close to camping areas after 10 pm.  There will be a quiet hours from 6 – 8 am;  please speak in whispers, or not at all, during this time
  2. For informational and artistic purposes, elements of this event maybe recorded, video-taped, or photographed.  All attendees agree to this.  Likewise all people doing recordings are asked to act respectfully, and with no sense of entitlement, as such privileges can be taken away.
  3. Expressions of nudity are not necessarily equated with a loosening of sexual boundaries.   Be conscious with regards to consent.  Please help people feel safe with their personal boundaries.  
  4. This event is NOT a place to use profanity, and engage in abusive language.  
  5. For those who wish to smoke (anything), please do so ONLY in the smoking temples ~ not the community commons, personal camping areas, or the parking lot.
  6. No pets.  Email registration PRIOR TO EVENT if you need to bring an ADA service animal. Thank you. 
  7. Please wash your hands before eating.
  8. This is a trash-free event.   Pack it in pack it out.
  9. If for any reason you are asked by the administrators of this event to leave the premises, you agree to do so, and will be refunded for the remaining time on your ticket .

May we all be, more or less, ON THE SAME PAGE ~•~

Song Circle Facilitator Policy ~  Leading a song circle is not normally considered an exchange for admission to the event.  We do, however, have a policy whereby if you lead three circles in designated (by the organizers) song circle time slots over three years, you thereafter receive admission exchange for any year you are doing a circle.   This exchange comes with light responsibilities to show up as an ally of the organization, to act as guardians, and educators, of SA ways when needed.   

Song circle participation tips ~ 

  • Merge ~ listen closely to honor, synchronize, and harmonize with the person leading the song. By keeping your voice / instrument volume lower.   If you are new to the tune or rendition, listen to a couple rounds first, visalize the images, feel the message, then move into the song
  • Presence ~ suport the sacred silence within and between songs, for the spaces between re the source and context
  • Deepen ~ breath thru your heart, and sing from your soul;   experience, deepen, and integrate the songs message into your being
  • Allow ~ In group-led sessions, provide space for, and invite those less confident, or less extraverted, to share their song

God created music for all of us to enjoy;  we cannot limit ourselves by people’s fears and insecurities . . . . .   ~ Stevie Wonder, 2018

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