Agreements for Singing Alive (SA) Cascadia

In service to creating a conscious, focused, community space for our gathering

  • SA is a communal singing gathering;  it is not an opportunity to give performances / create an audience
  • The singing voice is the primary focus.  All musical instruments are in service to it.
  • Loud instrumentation softens and ceases after 1 am.  Minimize talking close to camping areas after 10 pm.  There will be a quiet hours from 6 – 8 am;  please speak in whispers, or not at all, during this time
  • For informational and artistic purposes, elements of this event maybe recorded, video-taped, or photographed.  All attendees agree to this.  Exceptions can be made in specific cases, where it is reasonably doable to exclude songs, or body images.   Likewise all people doing recordings are asked to act respectfully, and with no sense of entitlement, as such privileges can be taken away.
  • Expressions of nudity are not necessarily equated with a loosening of sexual boundaries.   Please help people feel safe.
  • For those who wish to smoke (anything), please do so only in the smoking temple, personal camping areas, or the parking lot ~ not the community commons
  • Only service dogs are allowed into the gathering.  All other dogs must remain leashed in the personal camping areas
  • Please wash your hands before eating.
  • This is a trash-free event.   Pack it in pack it out.

~•~  May we all be, more or less, ON THE SAME PAGE ~•~

Song circle particiation tips:

  • Merge ~ listen closely to honor, synchronize, and harmonize with the person leading the song. By keeping your voice / instrucment volume lower.   If you are new to the tune or rendition, listen to a couple rounds first, visalize the images, feel the message, then move into the song
  • Presence ~ suport the sacred silence within and between songs, for the spaces between re the source and context
  • Deepen ~ breath thru your heart, and sing from your soul;   experience, deepen, and integrate the songs message into your being
  • Allow ~ In group-led sessions, provide space for, and invite those less confident, or less extraverted, to share their song

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