Plant Teachers, Consciousness, & Medicine from a Celestial Perspective, Channeling w/ Dante Singh

June 14, 2018 at 3:22 pm
An exploration of plant consciousness, medicine, and the role of teacher plants through the channeling of celestial guides. 

Channeling is a phenomena through which a human being enters a state of consciousness that allows a being from a higher dimension to speak through them automatically. A channel or medium attunes their frequency to the energy of beings in non-physical levels of reality, and through this match of frequencies, telepathic communication takes place.

However, you do not need to believe in channeling to benefit from the information shared in the session.

facilitated by:
Dante Singh ~ I am a channel for a group of beings from the Pleiades star-system, a commonly channeled soul group with very deep connections to humanity. These beings have been present with us, energetically supporting our journey since humanity’s inceptions.

For me channeling opened up through a culmination of practices and experiences and just the flow of life itself. Studying with shamanic teachers who channeled and listening extensively to channeled beings with great enthusiasm in a meditative way was a big part of how my channel opened. The first beings to present themselves to me were angels. When I was comfortable for deeper contact, the Pleiadian beings came to me and said that they wished for me to be an anchor for their frequency and help people on the planet through their ascension process.


Plants enChant 2018 Offerings…

Tell-A-Vision, w/ Morgan Brent
Share plant (and fungi) visions, and related experiences of radical symbiosis, in a group setting.  In such ways we may get glimmers and bleed-thrus, or yet fuller expressions, of a greater underlying story now surfacing in the Collective.
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Plant Shamanism Journey, w/ Jan Kinsey
We will embark of a middle world shamanic journey to a plant that is calling out to you. You will inquire into how you can best work with it (thru botanical extract, flower essence, shamanically, other)
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Awakening with Nature Elementals, w/ Camilla Blossom
Open your connection with the spirit of land with song, flower essences, and a guided drum journey to meet the spirits and elementals of the land. We will commune with tree and plant spirits, devas, fairies,
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An Exploration of the Rapé (Hape’) Tradition, w/ Drew YoungSpring
This ancient form of ceremony is an incredible and ancient way to come together to pray, cleanse, heal, and sing. There will be an in-depth teaching and discussion about the tradition Amazonian snuff, Hape. Drew will
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Mugwort and Dreaming, w/ Rosie Kenny
Mugwort and Dreaming       facilitated by:    Rosie Kenny       •.❤.•*´¨`*•.❤.•*´¨`*•.❤•*´¨`*•.❤•*´¨`*•.❤.•*´¨`*•.❤.•*´¨`*•.❤.• Plants enChant 2018 Offerings…
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Amazonian Plant Medicine Songs, w/ Drew YoungSpring
 The Amazonian Medicine Song Circle will incorporate both traditional Amazonian plant medicine songs from the Forest as well as songs that came through Drew during his work with Amazonian plant medicines. Drew will be teaching the
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Sacred Seed Planting Ceremony, w/ Luckey Bunny Ananda and Tasya Herskov
During our time together we will enter into a ritual space centered around reciprocity with the Land and the sacred act of putting seeds in the ground, as participants are encouraged to explore their personal relationship
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Cacao Ceremony, w/ Christina Gomes & Sage Aurora
Sound, Space & Shamanic Journey: A Cacao Ceremony for unleashing the power of your voiceFlower Power Sacred Sound Ceremony with CacaoIn this workshop, the intention is to set up a sacred safe and playful container to guide
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The School of Forest Medicine, w/ Scott Kloos
facilitated by:Scott Kloos ~ is a plant medicine practitioner, wildcrafter, and medicine maker. He has been working with the native plants of the Pacific Northwest since the late 90’s. He is the founder and managing director of The School of
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Sylvapolitan Rising: the Ways & Meanings of Human Flowering, w/ Morgan Brent
Plant-inspired teachings that acculture us to the ‘Survival of the Most Loving’.  Go here and here for a brief overview of the Sylvapolitan conceptfacilitated by:Morgan Brent ~ is an educator, event organizer, song enthusiast, and ceremonialist.  He received
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Plant Allies for Empaths, w/ Rebecca Minifie
Walking through the world as sensitive human beings, plants allies can help support us in many ways. Our connection to plants can strengthen us, give us grounding and clearing tools, and keep us healthy energetically. This
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Breathwork: Connecting with Plants Beings & the Earth, w/ Blake Spencer
Breathwork with an emphasis on how our breath connects us to every living creature. A remembrance that we breathe and share the same breath of our plant brothers and sisters and through this process of breathing we
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Reawaken Ritual: Setting Sacred Space & Flower Power Channeling, w/ Sage Aurora   
In this workshop, we will be co-creating a ceremony through the practice & explanation of setting sacred space rituals with cleansing plants such as sage, copal, and palo santo. Through this rituals, we will experience the
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A Visionary Approach to Creating Herbal Formulas, w/ Nome McBride
Nome loves herbs and is so excited to share some of his approach to formulating herbs in any form. Well look at the concepts behind a solid formulation, and how to customize a personal blend using
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Herbal Infused Washes & Massage, w/ Juliet Thompson
Juliet will incorporate herbal infused washes to a massage, helping people relax, clean up a little bit, and receive light massage. She will use herbal teas and small towels to wash people’s extremities and trunk while
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Healing Waters Ceremony ~ Yellow Pond Lily & Oxum, w/ Kathryn Kloos ND LMT & Sommer Fawn Moselle
In this workshop we will call upon the element of water with song and ritual to cleanse, purify, and release blockages to our own waters. We will sing songs of Praise to the Waters and the
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Conscious Cannabis Culture, w/ Merlyn of Gaia
Calling all Ganga-loving visionaries and collaborators! This 2 hr intensive is for those inspired to co-create a Conscious Cannabis culture. Merlyn of Gaia is seeding a network of experimental, residential, SativaLife Centers along the West Coast. This will be SativaLife’s first public
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Opening the Voice with Plants Medicine and Our Hands (Craniosacral), w/ Erin Gattuso
The combination of song and plant medicine has been used traditionally by many cultures to create a transcendental state of being. In this talk, we are going to talk about the structural and metabolic aspects of
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Heart of Nature Song Circle, w/ Shiloh Circle
Songs in praise of natures wonder and majesty, songs to remember that we are woven intricately and inextricably into the web of life. The wisdom from root to fruit lives inside our bodies, the miraculous seed
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