Welcome to Singing Alive!


Greetings Team ~  

Confirmed dates for this year are as follows:
Plants enChant ~ July 29 – August 1, 2021
Alive, aka Singing the Love ~ August 12 – 15, 2021

In the Name of the Holy Mystery, wishing you the presence to stay in your heartspace, the gravity to ground in your body, and the inspiration to hold the highest frequency.

Until we meet again  . .  .

 . .  . We’re dreaming the peace, and we’re beaming devotion
we’re heeding the call to put love into motion
For Gaia is rising, and we’re realizing, 
right use of our power, for thatz how we flower
and bring to fruition, this human condition

 We sing of the gift, of the lift, of the shift, so that all 
may be nourished and the Garden shall flourish . .


What is Singing Alive??   

Singing Alive is an annual, since 2007, gathering devoted to sacred song circles.  Singing Alive was born of a confluence between the song-medicine of teacher-plant traditions world-wide, and the song culture of back-to-the-land healing gatherings of the Cascadia bio-region (Pacific NW).   It has since grown to encompass a wide variety of singing people(s), including community choirs, devotees of contemporary spiritual figures (Amma, Prem Baba . . ), and yoga (kirtan) communities. 

Singing Alive we teach, share, and invigorate the songs that travel thru this great Family.  We hold ceremonial space for the songs to do their healing work, to brew the melodic magic of collective singing.  We are about bringing people together who feel called to awaken, and nurture their spiritual life thru communion with songs (and prayers, chants, blessings, and so om) of celebration of life in this temple universe. Such songs clarify our lives, strengthen our communities, and foster personal and planetary renewal.  At Singing Alive we gather to share them, and ourselves, in a safe, welcoming environment.  

~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~~•~~•~ 

The founding vision of Singing Alive holds that humanity is at cross-roads.  We can choose a path of planetary doom and destruction, or one of positive outcome born of maturing our potentials in service to the Greater Good, to Life. We feel there is no task more important on earth right now than to be dedicated to this positive outcome.  Song-culture people have a form of magic to use towards this new beginning:   visualization + vocalization = manifestation.   To effect this magic, we become ‘health seers’, perceiving and holding the frequency of the inherent unity and well-being of each other, of all Creation, and coaxing these ‘beauty Ways’ thru song into greater expression. These Ways are further activated when we sing in appreciative, accepting ways songs from many spiritual traditions, from the ‘10,000 ways to kneel and kiss the ground’.  With this common thread of connection, we weave a fragmenting world back together, and re-member ourselves as One people of the earth.  Collectively, we harmonize a new world into existence, a love-solution expansive enough to set us ALL free.    

~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~~•~~•~  

Rapid changes on the planet are activating a chaotic phase of our expanding self-awareness.   Much wounding is surfacing, seeking to be cleared, to be reconciled and integrated.  Singing Alive offers itself as a vehicle to bear witness, thru non-judgment and empathy, to the transgressions born of ignorance that have been visited on peoples and individuals.  From compassion rises loving-kindness as action, which extends out into the human sphere as work to resolve situations in the most harmonious and resourceful manner.  In this sense Singing Alive is an activist gathering.  As duality is inherently messy, with all kinds of unanticipated and unseen counter-forces at work, we can only seek to stay present with the process, and highest choice-points, as we move our intentions and the songs that carry them, out into world 

~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~~•~~•~  

Singing Alive is not a festival or a conference.  It not an entertainer / audience event.   There are no staged performances, amplification, paid musicians, nor vendors.  It is a DIY-styled, highly participatory gathering, a co-prayformance where we all sing (and eat!) together, and work together to make this happen.  Those who don’t think they can sing are encouraged to remember the wise African proverb, ‘If you can walk, then you can dance, if you can talk, then you can sing!’

‘Sing’, for this is food our hungry world needs. .~ Hafiz

~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~~•~~•~  

Singing Alive has developed as a largely word-of-mouth gathering.   Friends telling friends telling friends has created an intimate feeling to the event, and lack of promotion has helped keep the numbers to a manageable size.   Within these parameters, and in the spirit of DIY, we are asking attendees who are so inclined to reach far into their networks of like-hearted beings, and offer awareness of the event to those who might not otherwise know about it.  Gathering new influences keeps the social currents of Singing Alive fresh, varied, and enriching.  Bringing new people opens new paths for these Song Ways to move thru the wider human family.   The organizers are working this direction.  You can too!  Collaboration may be possible 

~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~~•~~•~   

We aim to keep the event affordable and accessible to all who wish to attend.  We therefore ask everybody to volunteer their time and talents to the extent they wish to and are able.  This to help cook, clean, arrange, and do the necessary tasks to keep our village running smoothly.  We ask everyone who wishes to and is able, to bring food to contribute to the community kitchen.  

ORIGINS ~The idea for this gathering was conceived on July 16, 2005 by Michael Pilarski (Skeeter), & Morgan Brent (mt xen), at the Sunny Pine herb farm near Twisp, WA.
Skeeter is a farmer, educator, event producer, and author who has devoted his life to studying and teaching how people can live sustainably on this Earth. He has extensive experience in organic farming, permaculture, wildcrafting medicinal herbs and plants. For more info, go to Friends of the Trees Society.
mt is an educator, event organizer, and song enthusiast, who specializes in the prescriptive teachings of medicinal plants, aka Nature’s plan to save the humans. In service to this guidance, he writes articles and essays, gives talks and discussion forums, births and gives haven to songs, and makes medicines of all kinds, among them events both large (Singing Alive & Plants enChant gatherings), and small (Creation-song circles).