Welcome to Singing Alive!

What is Singing Alive??  
Birthed in 2007 in the Cascadia bio-region (Pacific NW), Singing Alive is an annual gathering devoted to sacred song circles, and can include other, regional events.  Singing Alive is a progeny of various eco-festivals, medicine circles, and community choirs.  Its intent is to teach, share, and invigorate the songs that travel thru this great Family;  to hold space for the songs to do their healing work, to brew the melodic magic of collective singing.  It is about bringing people together who feel called to awaken, and nurture their spiritual life thru communion with songs (and prayers, chants, blessings, and so om) of celebration of life in this temple universe. Such songs clarify our lives, strengthen our communities, and foster personal and planetary renewal.  At Singing Alive we gather to share them, and ourselves, in a safe, welcoming environment. 

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Our goal is to open hearts, and the songs are the keys. These songs are multi-cultural, coming to us from many eras and lands far and near. Together they tell a perennial story, a Gaian dharma, so often forgotten, yet so joyfully remembered, of the Great work of spiritual evolution, of earth-conscious living and peaceful co-existence. By singing this story we come home to Ourselves and perform the Dream of re-Creation we have so longed to live

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Singing Alive exists to encourage the remembrance of this deep desire to sing from the heart. It provides resources in the form of, 1) songs, 2) people to sing them with, and 3) support for those of us who want to live the teachings, the sadhana, of the songs. We therefore invite all who wish to activate and nurture their spiritual life in this way, who feel the call to gather in devotion to personal and planetary regeneration. 

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Singing Alive offers itself as ceremonial space in a setting close to nature.  It is intended as a chrysalis in which participants can rebirth, grow, enliven, and enlighten themselves in attunement with the Garden of the Divine family of Creation. The old paradigms of domination, exploitation, and war are fitfully, yet inexorably, crumbling. A new genre of songs have (re)emerged that reflect and celebrate the ethic of Survival of the Most Loving. By engaging our hearts in song, we help actualize this paradigm in ourselves and in humanity. This is subtle activism, nourishment for a spiritually hungry world.  

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We are open to receive those who can share songs of this pro-peace genre, which work in the format of communal singing.  This is not an entertainer / audience gathering;  there are no staged performances, amplification, paid musicians, nor vendors.  It is a highly participatory event, a co-prayformance, where we all sing (and eat!) together, and work together to make this happen.  Those who don’t think they can sing are encouraged to remember the wise African proverb, ‘If you can walk, then you can dance, if you can talk, then you can sing!’

‘Sing’, for this is food our hungry world needs. .~ Hafiz

A Teaching and Sharing Gathering ~ We focus on sacred song circles of all sizes.   Many songs are birthed by attendees, others come from a variety of traditions, such as Rainbow, Native American, Amma, Sufi, Kirtan, Medicine / Shamanic, Gospel, Daime, Osho, African, Spiritual Americana, and  . . .  Omward.  We also hold circles intentioned for voice-work and improvisation, or song-held rites of passage and ceremonial Ways  . .  

Themes and Invocations ~ Peace within, Peace without, God/Goddess Exaltations, Blessings, Gratitude, Sacred Melancholy, Soul Gain, Grief & Praise, getting Humble, getting Real, gender Expressions, Shapeshifting, Letting Go, Initiation, Honoring, Ancestors, Family of Creation, Star Tribes, Planetary Acupuncture, Sacred Elements, Fairies & Devas, Human Flowering, Children Circles, Harmonic Toning, and song on . . 

We aim to keep the event affordable and accessible to all who wish to attend.  To this end, we ask everybody to volunteer their time and talents to the extent they wish to and are able.  This to help cook, clean, arrange, and do the necessary tasks to keep our village running smoothly.  At the Cascadia event, we ask everyone who wishes to and is able, to bring food to contribute to the community kitchen. 

ORIGINS ~The idea for this gathering was conceived on July 16, 2005 by Michael Pilarski (Skeeter), & Morgan Brent (mt xen), at the Sunny Pine herb farm near Twisp, WA.  

Skeeter is a farmer, educator, event producer, and author who has devoted his life to studying and teaching how people can live sustainably on this Earth. He has extensive experience in organic farming, permaculture, wildcrafting medicinal herbs and plants. For more info, go to Friends of the Trees Society

mt is an educator, event organizer, and song enthusiast, who specializes in the prescriptive teachings of medicinal plants, aka Nature’s plan to save the humans. In service to this guidance, he writes articles and essays, gives talks and discussion forums, births and gives haven to songs, and makes medicines of all kinds, among them events both large (Singing Alive & Plants enChant gatherings), and small (Creation-song circles).